Top 5 Skincare Products Clients Absolutely Love

One of the largest aspects of health combined with self-care today is taking place in the skincare industry. The role of an esthetician is broad but giving facials to help rejuvenate skin and take it back to its youthful appearance is craved by many. Great skincare starts with the right products which are what keep customers coming back to Active Crystal Medspa in Toronto.

Regardless of whether those products include cleansing, moisturizing, or the cosmetics used, these five products top the list.

1. HL Sunbrella (Holy Land) To Go Demi Make-Up SPF30
This lightweight moisturizer is great for daily use and provides excellent UVA and UVB protection. With ingredients to conceal and naturally cover, it is great for all skin types and creates an even texture.

2. Christina (Cosmetics) Muse Cleansing Milk
Made with water-soluble ingredients and oil, this product leaves skin soft while removing all traces of makeup from the day. Other active ingredients include rose petal extract which rejuvenates the skin, cupuacu butter to moisturize skin and cotton bloom extract which provides a barrier and keeps skin smooth.

3. Christina (Cosmetics) Silky Serum
The youthful skin that is craved doesn’t have to be elusive. Christina Silky Serum smoothes out wrinkles, firms skin, and leaves it instantly younger-looking. That is due to the botanical extracts that work to reduce dark circles, regenerate blood flow, and increase hydration. Additionally, this product triggers collagen production to make skin renewal faster.

4. HL Holy Land Renew Formula
Used in conjunction with other products, this product has a high concentration of ingredients that nourish and leaves skin richly moisturized. In addition to being water-based, it contains sunscreen to protect skin from the sun.

5. Christina (Cosmetics) Wish Rejuvenating Serum
Penetrating deeper into the skin is how this product produces healthy skin cells while improving the skin's overall immunity. It restores elasticity, reduces wrinkles, and tightens skin. It is no wonder it is a favorite at Active Crystal Medspa.

As you have read, there are favorites for keeping skin youthful-looking. If you are near Active Crystal Medspa in Toronto, stop in to choose a great skincare product or schedule a skin treatment! Or call us today to get a consultation on other products!

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