What Skin Changes To Expect During Pregnancy?

10 Ways Pregnancy Changes Your Skin and Why

The Clear Complexion and Pregnancy Glow
Hormonal changes during pregnancy deliver more nutrients and oxygen to all organs in the body, including the skin.

The increased progesterone levels trigger increased sebum oil resulting in breakouts. However, many women who have had breakouts before pregnancy have higher chances of these acnes. It mainly occurs in the first trimester.

Dark Skin Patches
Most pregnant women experience melasma which looks like large and dark patches on the face. Melasma can persist even after delivery in some women.

Sensitive Skin
Emotions are not the only sensible things during pregnancy. Pregnancy can also make your skin sensitive.

Skin Tags
These are common in the high friction areas like the underarms, under breasts, the groin area, and the base of the neck.

Linea Nigra
This is a dark vertical line from the belly button to the pubic area.

Stretch Marks
These appear because of the expanding and stretching of the skin. They are mostly seen on the buttocks, hips, breasts, and abdomen. Stretch marks appear at the end of the second and third trimesters.

Spider Veins
These appear on the neck, face, chest, legs, and arms. However, they fade after delivery.

Palmar Erythema
This is the reddening of the palms of your hands due to the increased levels of estrogen.

Hair growth
This does not grow on your head but rather on your face, legs, underarms, or bikini line.

Tips on How to Take Care of Your Skin During Pregnancy

- Itching on the abdomen is common during pregnancy. Instead of using chemical products, find a medspa in Toronto that offers and uses natural products for the best results.
- Make sure you are hydrated at all times as it helps flush out all the toxins from your body and helps your skin not dry out.
- Make sure you exfoliate your skin two to three times every week. Clean your face with the best face wash from the medspa in Toronto and do regular light facials.
- To reduce the pigmentation on your armpits, neck, forehead, and cheeks, use a mixture of cucumber and lemon juice several times a day.

For pigmentation conditions, Active Crystal Medspa in the Greater Toronto Area offers a variety of laser treatments that you can do after you have a baby. Besides, we have vascular treatments and RF body contouring that will help you to recover after childbirth. Contact us today, so we can find the best options for you during and after your pregnancy!

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