Christina Complementary Beauty Products

Christina Complementary Beauty Products



BioPhyto is a 100% pure botanical peeling solution that is designed to improve overall skin health. Though six different actions, these bioactive botanicals enhance blood circulation, accelerate tissue repair, and gently exfoliate damaged skin. Biophyto also contracts, cools and soothes the skin for a more comfortable treatment. Enriched with anti-bacterial agents, BioPhyto combats seborrhea for a cleaner, healthier complexion.

Elastin Collagen


Elastin Collagen is a powerful line of unique moisturizers for everyday face and eye usage. These quality moisturizers complement any skin type from normal to oily and combination skin. The special Collagen and Elastin repairing formula incorporates eight natural moisturizing agents for long lasting hydration.

Sun screen

sun screen

Sun screen is a line of sunscreen products that are twice as efficient at absorbing UV rays as conventional creams. Based on a unique "Triazine backbone", Sun screen UVA and UVB filters are extraordinarily photo-stable and create an optimal photo barrier. When exposed to light for extended periods, Sunscreen does not change composition, extending shelf-life and sun protection. Sunscreen is a highly-effective cream for all skin types with low risk of irritation and a minimum of 25 SPF.



The Fresh range of cleansers, toners and active waters removes stubborn dirt residues and makeup traces deep inside the pores, keeping skin clean and fresh for hours. Created for normal, oily and dry skin, Fresh aromatic and therapeutic products surround dirt particles and bring them to the skin's surface for easy removal while deeply cleansing and refreshing the skin.

eye repair

Delicate Eye Repair

Gentle eye cream that effectively improves skin elasticity and smoothes away wrinkles while preventing new ones from developing. It repairs photo damage and restores the skin's fluid balance.

Directions: Apply a thin, even layer of the Delicate Eye Repair onto cleansed skin. Gently pat on the eye contours until absorbed.

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