The HOME PEELS line complements the in-spa HL signature treatments. The 5 peels are designed for at-home use to help expedite cell turnover, dissolve intercellular glue removing dead skin cells and confer healthy, smooth, radiant skin. The line is intended for a wide range of target groups and skin types, to be selected accordingly based on individual skin conditions.

DAILY MICRO PEEL POWDER WITH ENZYMES COMPLEX AND VITAMIN C. Daily enzymatic peel, removes dead skin cells, refines and revitalizes, helps improve uneven tone and texture leaving the skin soft, smooth and radiant.

ENZYMATIC PEEL WITH PINEAPPLE AND PAPAYA EXTRACTS. Gentle creamy-textured enzymatic peel, eliminates dead skin cells and toxins, revitalizes without affecting the skin’s moisture, softens the appearance of fine lines and leaves the skin silky soft, smooth and luminous.

REVEAL PEEL WITH NATURAL ALPHA HYDROXY ACIDS. Facial peel based on a peel-off application method, renews dull and tired looking complexions by lifting off dead skin cells to reveal a fresh, softer and suppler texture.

WHITE PEEL WITH LACTIC ACID. Gentle peel, acts to melt intercellular substances, contributes to lightening the skin tone and increases the skin's moisture.

SUPERLIFT PEEL WITH NATURAL ALPHA HYDROXY ACIDS, RETINOL AND GRAPE EXTRACT. Facial peel especially recommended for complexions that show fine lines, sweeps away dead skin cells, increases moisture, evens out skin tone, firms and tightens granting a rejuvenated complexion.

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