Double Action

Double Action

Double Action products are recommended for the treatment of oily and/or acne prone skin, to be used at the appearance of first signs of problems, and before worsening of the skin condition.

Active Ingredients: Balsam Peru; Eucalyptus and Mint oils; Calamine, Allatoin; Chamomile, Camphor, Green Tea extracts and more.

Double Action products will show:

Mask gently removes dead skin cells, absorbs excess oil, encourages the skin' mending process for a smoother skin texture. The natural ingredients also help in tightening pores and improving the skin's overall flexibility.

Action Soap is effective in removing excess oil and calming the skin.

Face Lotion is highly refreshing and helps in the speedy healing minor skin lesions.

Hydratant Emulsion is a delicate moisturizer, helps maintain the skin hydrated and gives it softness.

Treatment Powder aids in a quick mending of skin lesions as well as helps by absorbing the excessive oiliness of the skin. It soothes and reduces redness as well.

Drying Lotion Regular or with Make-Up dries and mends breakouts and conceals imperfections for a more uniform and even complexion.

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