Tattoos Don't Have To Be Permanent

How Tattoos Are Made

When a permanent design or mark is made in the top layer of skin and pigments inserted through pricks, it is generally referred to as a tattoo. Artists specializing in tattoos use handheld machines that similarly do their cutting to the sewing machine. The machine is used to puncture the skin with a needle made of a very fine metal wire. The artist then inserts pigment into the incisions.

A tattoo may be designed in many different styles and sizes. It is made on the body, depending on where it will be placed, for example, on the arms, legs, back, or chest. There are also tattoos for making designs inside the mouth and even markings on nails.

Why Are Tattoos Permanent?

Tattoos tend to remain in place for an extended period. The occurrence is primarily because the dermal cells hold their position until their death when new ones replace the cells. The replacement makes it almost impossible to remove the tattoo without damaging the skin and causing it to lose its natural texture.

The ingredients used in making a tattoo also help prevent its easy removal. A tattoo's color is generally made from black, blue, red, and green colors that are very difficult to wash off.

People who want to make sure that their tattoos will not be easily removed can have them made using these colors. They can also choose to wear clothes that will hide them from view whenever they want to go out without any tattoos on their bodies.

Is There a Way to Get Rid of a Tattoo?
Despite the permanency associated with Tattoos, several techniques can be used for their removal. The common techniques used in removing tattoos include surgical removal, dermabrasion, and laser surgery. The tendency of the tattoo to be below the skin's top layer makes the removal process complicated.

The laser surgery technique uses laser light to remove tattoos. It is the commonly used method at Active Crystal. It involves breaking down the ink particles and the tissue that is entangled with them. The use of laser surgery has reduced adverse effects, such as fewer scarring effects than the other techniques.

If you need a tattoo removal service, you can contact us at Active Crystal, medspa in Toronto. We provide high-quality tattoo removal services to our clients. We have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who will provide you with the best service.

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